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In our age of electronics people still want to be creative with their hands and minds. UGEARS models’ combination of easy-to-assemble wood and mechanics along with the magical movement of gears are sure to bring joy to casual builders and professional modelers alike. Our mission is to give an unforgettable time of working together on things that are popular for all ages.  We want family members and friends have fun bonding while creating. And as a result — to get revived mechanical marvels.

The unique mechanical 3D models for self-assembly. These beautiful mechanisms are made entirely of sustainably sourced wood and require neither glue nor special tools to be fully assembled into functional working models. Also, there is no need for batteries or any external power source as they are powered by rubber bands, gears, cranks and gravity. Follow the detailed step-by-step illustrated manual with instructions in 11 languages (Ukrainian, English, German, French, Polish, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Italian, Chinese and Korean) to assemble your model. Fully assembled, the models are moving. And some of them, like the Hurdy-Gurdy, are even playing!

We want UGEARS models to be as interesting as they are attractive so that you would want to give it as a present to your friends and family or have it for yourself. The first thing you notice when opening the box is a pleasant smell of wood. It is natural and healthy. Our models are made of a high quality plywood tested in European laboratories and also approved for use in the production of furniture for children.

UGEARS is a young Ukrainian company with its own production facilities located in the outskirts of Kyiv. We invent, develop and produce unique mechanical 3D-puzzles in which everything is real. Some of the designs are based on real-life prototypes while others represent an original re-imagining of historical mechanisms and the creatures from the wish-list you shared with us. Most of the models are propelled by a rubber band motor, system of gears, wheels, weights and gravity.

Each of UGEARS models carries its own idea and brings rewarding feeling of assembling with your own hands, inviting you and your beloved ones into the awesome and cool world of mechanics.

How to assemble Ugears models?

All UGEARS models are equipped with everything needed for assembly. The quality of the parts is top-notch: a laser method is used for cutting items from a plywood board that provides precise hairline cuts. The details have to be pulled out of the boards and assembled to create a complete model. All steps of the assembly are described in very detailed step-by-step color instructions. The models are assembled without glue thanks to the patented joint design. It's quite fascinating when pure mechanical marvel comes to life in your hands and you feel like a creator.

The Ugears Horse-Mechanoid

  • Model size: 13.8 x 11.4 x 4.9 in (350 х 290 х 125 mm)
  • Package size: 14.9 x 6.7 x 1.7 in (378 х 170 х 42 mm)
  • Number of components: 410
  • Estimated time for assembly: 6-7 hours

Ugears Horse-Mechanoid  – a unique assembling model that joins nature and mechanics. In walking mechanisms designed by many engineers before balance was realized by means of additional extremities or other extra-supports.  Ugears designers paid special attention to the anatomy because it was important to make our Horse quadrupedal. And we found a smarter way to achieve stability in motion.

The innovative mechanism of this beauty makes the Bionic Horse a real walking quadruped. All the joints and movements closely resemble those of a real horse, but powered by rubber bands, gears, cranks and gravity.

The bionic heart of your horse is a pendulum installed in the chest of the mech. The oscillations of the pendulum slow the transmission of energy from the rubberband motor to the movable elements extending the working time of the mechanism.

Mechanical horse is a tribute to early automatons, the attempts to create a walking machine made by the Ancient Greeks, inventors of Japan and China, and Leonardo da Vinci himself. Let go of the rush and haste of modern times. Withdraw yourself from the race for some time to hop on the relaxing – but no less exciting! – stroll with the new Bionic Horse from Ugears!

The Ugears Tower Windmill

  • Model size: 13.8 x 19.1 x 8.7 in (350 х 485 х 220 mm)
  • Package size: 14.9 x 6.7 x 2 in (378 х 170 х 50 mm)
  • Number of components: 585
  • Estimated time for assembly: 12 hours

Inspired by the earliest tower mill in England, the Ugears Tower-Windmill model has a unique mechanism inside with a full-fledged chain drive made entirely of wooden materials. When spinning rapidly the aerodynamic twist sails create fairly strong wind. It also can work the other way around: blowing air directed at the sails will make them spin. Use a fan to demonstrate to your kids how real windmills operate.

The rotation of the windmill sails is mesmerising. You can’t stop watching them turning over and over.

A double planetary gear reducer with differently shaped gears provides the necessary speed. The model is powered by a removable rubber band motor. Once the motor is removed, the Windmill can work in a manual mode that allows you to observe and examine the fascinating complex mechanism in detail.

The rubber band motor drives the sails by means of a screw conveyor (worm feeder) and gear transmission. The design of the gear transmission includes a flexure link, the type of chain drive assembled out of many small links. The full-fledged chain drive made out of plywood has never been used in the Ugears models before.

Resembling a spiral staircase, the rotating base of the arched tower is a part of the screw conveyor mechanism that is a chief part of the model’s mechanism. Fascinating mechanics of the moving gears will captivate your attention for a long time. While taking origin from the Chesterton Windmill, the Ugears model also addresses the Spanish classic: the Tower Windmill can be completed with the figures of the Ingenious Nobleman Don Quixote and his quirky companion Sancho Panza.

The Ugears Archballista-Tower

  • Tower size: 6 х 3,7 х 3,8 in (153 х 95 х 96 mm)
  • Archballista size: 3,5 х 3,2 х 5,6 in (90 х 81 х 142 mm)
  • Package size: 14,6  х 6.7 х 1.1 in (370 х 170 х 27 mm)
  • Number of components: 292
  • Estimated time for assembly: 6 hours

Fully assembled, the Ugears Archballista and Tower has moving parts and elements that will help you to recreate a medieval siege and test your great conqueror’s skill. The firing mechanism – or the actual archballista can shoot up to four wooden bolts in a round.

The firing module can be detached from the base and mounted on the top of the Tower. Decorated with delicate ornaments, a classic ivy-cloaked castle Tower with a heraldic gryphon/dragon on a coat of arms hides a few interesting constructional features.

The Ugears V-Express Steam Train with Tender

New and exciting Ugears V-Express Steam Train with Tender. The kit includes 2.45 meters of tracks. The minutely detailed the Victorian Age design of the model reveals the beauty of moving details: gears and a flywheel, and the workings of the cylinder-piston arrangement, the ladder and the fire hole with the door you can open.

Assembling the Ugears’ V-Express Steam Train with Tender you will feel like an inventor engineer discovering for the first time the magic of the complex mechanism taking shape in your hands. Wind it up – and full steam ahead!

One full winding will give your Express energy enough to cover a distance of up to four meters. You can change the direction of movement by switching a small lever on the side of the models’ body. The locomotive has three settings: forward, back and idle. When the mechanism of the model is working in idle, you can safely observe the work of the moving elements without having to worry that your train will race off into the blue.

If you want to test another exciting option of your new model – switch it into the “Back” setting. The Express will roll back and automatically hook up with its tender.

The Tender of the V-Express Steam Train is worth mentioning as a separate point. The coal car with lifting sides has a hatch that you can lock with a tiny latch. Of course, driven by a rubber-band motor, the locomotive needs no coal, which leaves plenty of room in the tender for some small cargo you might want to deliver: sweets, knickknacks and messages.

The Ugears Bike VM-02

  • Model size: 10.1 x 3.3 x 4.1 in (258 х 84  х 105 mm)
  • Package size: 14.6 x 6.7 x 1.2 in (370 х170 х30 mm)
  • Number of components: 189
  • Estimated time for assembly: 3-4 hours

The Ugears Bike carries the true spirit of the road. It’s always been and will forever represent a challenge, speed, and true freedom. The Bike is driven by a powerful rubber band motor makes the motorcycle ride for as much as 3 meters in one winding.  The energy is transmitted by a belt drive to the mechanism.

The design of the Bike allows you to observe the work of the mechanism, including the moving pistons that look absolutely fascinating.

The wide back wheel ensures that the model is steady and won’t tip over and turning handlebars send your bike in whatever direction you choose making your ride even more exciting.

Graceful and bold, your new model carries the true spirit of the road. The combination of a high-tech exterior and eco-friendly materials make the model a welcome gift to a friend or a business partner.

Detailed realistic design ensures that the model will become a wonderful complement to any home or office.

The Ugears Roadster VM-01

  • Model size: 11.8 x 5.1 x 3.9 in (305 х 130  х 100 mm)
  • Package size: 14.6 x 6.7 x 1.6 in (370 х 170 х 420 mm)
  • Number of components: 437
  • Estimated time for assembly: 6-7 hours

The unique charisma of the model comes from both its outstanding technical characteristics and detailed realistic retro-design. The clever combination of the plywood elements of different thickness – 4 and 2 mm – ensures that the motorcar’s body looks streamlined and clear. Open the hood to see the powerful V8 engine and watch the moving valves.

Your sports car has a transmission that switches it in three modes: forward, back, and idle. The driving direction can be adjusted with the steering wheel. The suspension of the front wheels makes the Roadster look even more realistic.

With a powerful rubber band motor, the car covers up to four meters in one winding. The winding key is designed to look like a spare wheel at the rear of the Roadster.

The Ugears Trimaran Merihobus

Carried by the wayward wind of travel, the graceful and stylish Trimaran Merihobus from Ugears invites you to leave your peaceful harbour and sail away on an exciting marine mechanical adventure. The new mechanical bench model kit has everything you might need for assembly (including winches, rigging and hulls) and requires neither glue nor special tools to be fully assembled into functional working sailboat.

The body of the sailboat is made in the “skeleton” style to ensure good visibility of the mechanism and the design of the sailboat, including such details as bulkheads, frames and beams. The rear rudder blade is steered by the ropes connected through the pontoons to the master wheel on the stern. The hydrofins on the side of the pontoons make the model stable and steady while creating a visual effect of the elevation of the model. The side pontoons are attached to the main body with a load frame designed to match the style of the hulls. Also, they carry a boat davit mechanism with a winch.

The mainsail and fore staysail on the mast can be set or taken in, just like on real trimarans. The mainsail of the Trimaran Merihobus is set on the mast groove with the main top halliard. The staysail “rolls up” on a stay. At the front under the bowsprit you will find the staysail’s winch drum. Sail booms are operated by a lever that pulls the sheet of the boom.

The model comes with several templates for a flag of a ship. Create your own design and using the winch, hoist the ensign up the mast. The anchor cable winch based inside the Trimaran’s body has an automatic-tensioning mechanism that picks up an anchor.

The Ugears’ designers used a strong but thin white thread for the rigging of the Merihobus. This ensures the structure of the boat remains neat and light even with a lot of details while making the mast and other elements remain in their positions.

And of course one mustn’t miss a lovely little finishing touch - a tiny seahorse carved in the bow of the boat. The curious sea creature known also as the merihobus gave your boat her name.

The Ugears Heavy Boy Truck VM-03

  • Model size: 15 х 5,1 х 6,7 in (380 х 135 х 178 mm)
  • Package size: 14,6 х 6.7 х 2 in (378 х 170 х 50 mm)
  • Number of components: 541
  • Estimated time for assembly: 8-9 hours

Fill the tank to the brim and venture forth with Ugears’ Heavy Boy Truck VM-03 to explore new routes. Richly detailed, robust and powerful the Ugears long-hauler has a 6-cylinders engine driven by a rubber band motor. With one winding, the truck can go for about 5 meters. The transmission system implemented in the model has three modes: forward, back and idle. The detailed design includes all iconic elements of a long-haul truck – two big pipes and two pairs of mirrors as well as a realistic hook up system that connects your tractor unit to the trailer.  

The Trailer for the Heavy Boy Truck VM-03

Heavy Boy Trailer Truck VM-03 can carry your favourite things, it will deliver a box of chocolates, a load or fruits or even a ship in a bottle. Use an automated conveyor to load your trailer with potted plants and you will have an absolutely unique wheeled garden in any interior.

The Ugears Aviator Model

Do you fly in your dreams? Grab the wheel, become airborne and Come fly with the “Aviator”, the first ever aircraft model from Ugears. The flight control tower bars regulate the speed, and the roll and pitch of the airplane or helicopter. Wind it up - and you are ready to soar into the sky.  

The Ugears Stagecoach

  • Model Size: 15,7*4,9*6,3 in (40 * 12,5 * 16 cm)
  • Package size: 14,6*6.7*1.1 in (37 * 17 * 2,7 cm)
  • Number of components: 248
  • Estimated time for assembly: 5 hours

In creating the Stagecoach, Ugears intended to design a model that would be a delight to your eyes and at the same time would be able to face the challenges of the Wild West – should you decide to re-create this romantic period at home with your family. As a result, the Stagecoach has a solid frame and wheels sturdy enough to play with, and a delicate cabin that gives the model an iconic Ugears look.

The doors of the cabin open to let the passengers in and out. If you’d like to deliver a message to your family, two cargo crates on the roof of the cabin will conveniently accommodate your letter. In case your kid is waiting for a package of sweets from the outskirts of civilization at the other end of the table, you can also use your Stagecoach’s cabin or crates to deliver those. Also, the crates can be removed and replaced with whatever small package you need delivered.

The Ugears Hurdy-Gurdy

Inspired by the art of Celtic and Scandinavian medieval craftsmen and enriched by smart engineering of the XXI century Ugears is introducing — Hurdy-Gurdy – the world’s first mechanical musical model and the genuine gem of the collection. It is  the most extraordinary mechanical model kit which is all-in-one: model for self-assembly, toy and fully fledged musical instrument.  

Just build it together with your own hands and feel like Stradivari or a popular Hurdy-Gurdy star!  The Ugears Hurdy-Gurdy model was successfully launched on Kickstarter in July, 2017  

Based on the 15th Century organistrum, Ugears has created an intricately detailed, fully functional version of this medieval instrument. The finished model looks remarkably akin to the original 16th century hurdy gurdy, giving it a wonderfully medieval aesthetic.  This wooden attractive and educational model has a highly detailed exquisite décor of the body crafted in romantic style and turns the assembly and playing process into an exciting game and brings you hours of pleasure and fun.

Engineering Hurdy-Gurdy

The design of the Ugears Hurdy-Gurdy is based on the original prototype, therefore it  includes the body, front and back decks, gears, crank (handle), neck, tuning pegs or hitch-pins, strings and tangent box that altogether form a single beautiful instrument. This self-assembled mechanical musical model is super easy to play, creating sound as the hand-turned wheel rubs against the melody and bourdon strings.

The Ugears Hurdy-Gurdy’s tuning pegs have a gear reduction mechanism for finer sound tuning of the melody and bourdon strings. For a more clear sound you can switch off the bourdon string using a little lever in the keybox. Also we added the gear reduction mechanism into the crank (handle) to increase the number of wheel’s rotations. This allowed us to get a smoother and richer sound and preserve the compact size of the model itself.

6 keys are spring-loaded with rubber bands and little cranks in the keybox to ensure softer and more convenient play. Also the Ugears Hurdy-Gurdy has a special mechanism to adjust the height of both strings (melody and bourdon string) on the bridge and the beautiful planetary gears mechanism inside the body.

Assembling Hurdy-Gurdy

The Ugears Hurdy-Gurdy comes with everything needed for assembly. All the pieces are precut into the plywood boards and are easily removed for assembly following the detailed instructions provided.  The only non-wood parts, by necessity, are the two strings that rub against the crank powered wheel and the rosin used to wax it.

Estimated assembly time of the Ugears Hurdy-Gurdy is 4-5 hours for beginners and less time for professional builders. Assembles without glue or special tools and  without toothpicks. Number of component parts: 292

Tuning Hurdy-Gurdy

The model has a melody string for playing melodies and a bourdon string for a background sound. 6 keys correspond to 6 notes that are played by pushing the key while rotating the crank. The released keys provide one more, seventh, note. The second (bourdon) string is tuned by tuning the peg in unison to the melody string or in any melodic interval (quart, quint, octave). The construction kit includes pieces of rosin to wax the wheel and improve the sound.

Playing Hurdy-Gurdy

The Hardy-Gurdy by Ugears is a full-fledged musical instrument. It’s easy to play dancing melodies, from folk to modern. To start the music flowing, the player just need to crank the handle with one hand to kick off a drone sound from the bourdon and melody strings. Pushing the wooden buttons with the fingers of the other hand changes the pitch of the melody string, as "spring-loaded" wooden blocks essentially shorten the string. Ugears will include some tablature with the kit to get newbies off to a flying start.

The instruction manual and a dedicated Hurdy-Gurdy landing page on Ugears website will also include sheet music (tablatures), tips for assembling, tuning and playing Hurdy-Gurdy and musical lessons of playing Hurdy-Gurdy.

U-9 Grand Prix Car

Entering into this racing season, UGEARS presents its latest creation and a new fascinating addition to its car fleet: U-9 Grand Prix Car. The thrill of speed, roar of engines, wheel to wheel battles and shiny frames flashing before the eyes of wildly excited audience of the early car races as well as the historical heritage of the first Grand Prix and its impact on the twentieth century automobile industry inspired UGEARS to create this new amazing model and share our passion with you.

Model U-9 recreates iconic design and the magnificent and imposing appearance of Grand Prix winner models from drive shaft to spare wheel.

Under the hood of this new model you will find a 16 valve V8 engine equipped with a powerful fan. Your new vehicle has a link rod and a transmission switching the modes between idle, reverse, and race ahead, baby!

The U-9 has a spring-suspended fork and rubberized wheels  - genuine sport tyres - ensuring  smooth but rapid acceleration and a long driving range.

The design of this beauty is based on the racing-sports cars that participated in the very first Grand Prix race that had taken place in Italy back in the early 20th century. Adopting the sleek flowing lines of the famous racing cars-champions, UGEARS engineers and designers gave this new model an exquisite and truly elegant “old-school” appearance highlighted with a drive belt on the outside of the car and other peculiar design elements.

The Oblong shape coupled with the bold style of the radiator grille is meant to bring you the feeling of the dawning age of car racing.

The Ugears Treasure Box

The true jewel of Ugears new collection of wooden models is an exquisite Mechanical Treasure Box for jewellery and notes. The delicate through-carved work of its lid and sides invites you to gain a glimpse into the mystery that the moving gears conceal.

Although only the one who can solve the secrets of the puzzle-box will get to enjoy the treasure of beautiful mechanics in its action.

One would imagine that in order to open the box, we’d need a key – and the key is right there, beautifully embedded in the carved lid. All you need to do to take it out is to slightly turn the key clockwise. Although, getting the key is only a part of the puzzle. To set the gears in motion, before taking the key out, you want to unblock the mechanism that lifts the lid by turning the key counter-clockwise.

When all the secrets are revealed and the box is opened, inside you will find a small compartment for jewellery, notes and other small items. You may be sure, your treasures and secrets are safe with the new Ugears Treasure Box.


​The UGM-11 Truck

​The UGM-11 Truck is equipped with a four-cylinder rubber band engine. Start the engine in 'idle mode' and look at four pistons which move realistically under the folding hood. Open the cabin door and observe the fully functioning steering wheel connected via a steering column to the suspension bracket of front wheels. Push gas pedal, put it in 'reverse' or 'drive' mode, engage the clutch and see how the Truck’s moving!

The UGM-11 Truck is what we call 100% “Rubberpunk,” meaning a perfect blend of clockwork and steampunk worlds. We deliberately designed this model to have a raw, open look so even the casual observer could appreciate the marvels going on inside. This kit may take some time to build, but the rewards are absolutely worth it for those who love mechanics.

UGEARS Tanker Model

A cool wooden model for self-assembly from the UGEARS Trucks Collection. Based on UGM-11 Truck, the Mechanical Tanker model has real TANKER with the unique opening mechanism which fits well for standard 0.33 L cans. Twist the knob on the tanker’s cap and unfold it in surprising way.

This model is deliberately designed to have a raw, open look so even the casual observer could appreciate the marvels going on inside. The Mechanical Tanker is equipped with a four-cylinder rubber band engine and moves on its own forward in the “drive” mode and back on “reverse” transmission mode. Start the engine in 'idle mode' and enjoy watching four pistons which move realistically under the folding hood.

Number of component parts: 594. Each of the parts comes out of the plywood sheets easily. No glue and special tools are needed for putting the model together. You can assemble it at home on the table. Fits together like a puzzle without glue or special tools thanks to UGEARS’ patented plywood joints.

UGEARS Fire Ladder Truck Model

Self-propelled Rescue& Fire Truck – a separate wooden model from the UGEARS Trucks collection in which everything is real. A rotating platform, retractable 3-Section Ladder and a little ladder on back to help Firemen to climb on the truck in few seconds. Like in a real Fire Truck it is mounted on back. Functions like a real Rescue& Fire Truck.  Equipped with the rotating platform, retractable 3-Section Ladder which transforms into real crane with hook. The Ladder’s length when fully extended – 70cm.

The Fire Ladder has several controls. Press the lever and lift up the ladder. Turn the platform to the right or to the left. Fix the selected position with a special ratchet. All three sections of the ladder are extending ahead. Retract the ladder and you’ll get a real crane with hook at its end.  Based on UGM-11 Truck, the Fire Truck is equipped with a four-cylinder rubber band engine and moves on its own forward in the “drive” mode and back on “reverse” transmission mode. Start the engine in 'idle mode' and look at four pistons which move realistically under the folding hood.

Number of component parts: 537. Put them together and bring this beautiful model into the life without glue like all UGEARS models by step-be-step, truly easy to follow, color instruction manual.

Mechanical Flower Model

A  tempting gift idea for your beloved one. Elegant petals, pleasant smell of wood, with Ballerina & Tree of Luck for your favorite jewelry inside. You can place small presents and sweets, little memorabilia and jewelry in it. This is truly the most romantic mechanical model.

UGEARS Train Series

The Series is represented with 3 models - Steam Locomotive with Tender, Rails 4 m with Crossing and Railway Platform

The Steam Locomotive with Tender

Employs all technical solutions we’ve come up with in our previous models, and more. The spinning gears, pistons and wheels carry the soul of XIX-century engineering, when locomotives represented the mainstream of technical progress. It is one of the fanciest UGEARS models, as it consists of the highest number of parts and can run up to a distance of 5 meters.

UGEARS Steam Locomotive with Tender is the WINNER of a 2017 Family Choice Award as the best in children's and parenting products.

Ugears Steam Locomotive with Tender is driven by rubber bands and a gear array instead of superheated steam, but otherwise its main mechanism looks and operates very much like that of a real steam engine. Up close you can see working asynchronous pistons and valves that transfer power to the locomotive’s drive wheels through a moving system of rods, linkages and cranks.

Having assembled the Railway Crossing and Platform you’ll feel what we all miss – the feel of real motion, real mechanics that you make work with your own hands.

Like all other UGEARS models, the Locomotive with Tender, Rails with Crossing and Railway Platfrom models come with step-by-step, full-color, truly easy to follow instructions.

The cutting is well done; each of the parts comes out of the plywood sheets easily. No glue and special tools are needed for putting the model together. You can assemble it at home on the table. Fits together like a puzzle without glue or special tools thanks to Ugears’ patented plywood joints.

Safe Box Wooden Model

Considering safe-cracking as a profession? This might be just where you should start. Build your own safe with a personal 3-digits lock combination, store your most precious items in the safe (jewelry or candy, your choice), and then promptly forget your combination!

Follow the handy steps in the instructions to master the mix of slow knob twists and careful listening to tumbler movements that will open the lock. Will you retrieve your items, or will you have to hire a locksmith? Try it and see.

How to create a custom lock combination for the model Safe?
Let’s suppose you would like to put the code 321:
A=3, B=2, C=1
(Technically number C - can be only 1, 2, 6 or 7)
P1, P2, P3 - plugs in the discs
P3 - P2 = B - A + 8 (mod 10)
P1 = P2 + B – C (mod 10)

where A, B and C are the digits of the wanted code.

Safe’s code formula for 321 code:
P3 - P2 = 2 - 3 + 8
P1 = P2 + 2 - 1
P3 - P2 = 7
P1 = P2 + 1

Just choose one with P2 and P3 being 0 to 9

In this case you should use matching method to find the correct values. As you can see, this system of equations satisfy such values P1 = 1, P2 = 0, P3 = 7 (plugs in the discs)

UGEARS Tractor and Tractor's Trailer Models

The Ugears Tractor is a rattling greeting from past centuries. Rides along with a busily rattling of its small but amazingly realistic pistons. No electronics - just plywood, a rubber band engine, and tons of fun! Tractor has triple control modes of transmission– Park, Drive, and Sport.

UGEARS Tram with Rails model

UGEARS Tram is inspired by the earliest streetcars and funiculars and is probably the most romantic model in our collection. In addition to displaying a great deal of retro flair, the Tram can actually travel on its included adjustable tracks. In level mode the Tram cruises the rails under the power of its wind-up rubber band motor.

In incline mode the Tram simply employs the power of gravity along with its gear-drive transmission to gracefully scale down tracks. The Tram even has a hidden box for carrying messages to a special passenger waiting at the next stop.

Timer for 20 minutes

The Timer is one of UGEAR’s most beautiful models. It is an exquisite and refined mechanical device that can count down to zero starting from 1 to 20 minutes.

Just set the Timer’s rubber band-powered counter hand, wind up the alarm, and watch the relaxing and elegant clockwork tick away until the alarm reminds you it’s time to do it all again. Great for meditation and adds a sophisticated accent to any work or living space!

UGEARS Mechanical Theatre

Mechanical Theatre is awesome gift with the magical movement of wooden gears. An intricate mechanism with a touch of drama. Spin the wheel to bring your characters on stage. Can the Prince slay the Dragon? Will the King storm the Castle? Does the Princess defeat the Witch? Perhaps the Jester will find the Treasure! Every spin changes the story and makes you both the playwright and the audience. What story will you create?

Etui (Mechanical Box) Model

If you are not familiar with Ugears models yet, the Etui (Mechanical Box) could be a good project to start with. It is simple and comes together quickly. Once complete, it provides an ideal way to surprise a special someone with a treasure hidden inside. Also, it’s a clever way to impress your partners and to offer a business card or a fun way to store and show off your favorite trinkets.  It's fun to assemble, this pretty little box brings a dash of mechanical magic to your home or office. Push the side lever and the box raises, tilts and opens its lid to reveal the contents.

The kit includes two interchangeable front panels – one for easily removing cards and one for keeping small items from spilling out.

Tram Line Model.
The Ugears Mechanical Town Series

From the very beginning of our journey, we were inspired with the idea to create the unique Mechanical Town on the river’s bank, open to all winds, religions and ideas, a town of musicians, artists and inventors, masters and warriors. The most amazing town on the earth.  The town, were people love, fight, work and search for innovation and, of course, have a fun.

Every town has its transportation system and the Mechanical Town has its Tram Line. A model which you can build with your own hands, play and create your own stories with people living in the town. The new model is interactive and is made entirely of wooden materials. It’s great for your hobby & collection. Each part has a unique design and fascinating engineering. The UGEARS’ Tram Line model doesn’t need glue or special tools or even toothpicks to connect parts, which makes putting it together even more exciting. The fully assembled model retains moving parts and elements and remains entertaining and educational for family projects.   UGEARS’ Tram Line model doesn’t need glue or special tools or even toothpicks to connect parts, which makes putting it together even more exciting.

The fully assembled model retains moving parts and elements and remains entertaining and educational for family projects.

Tram Line model consists of 14 parts, which come in a convenient scale for building and playing with.

  • Self-propelled Tram Car is equipped with an overhead pantograph to switch “drive” mode and a knob to open and close the doors. Wind-up the tram car and watch it move on the rails, entering the Depot. After making a 180 degree turn on the turntable, it moves on its own to the end of the line. There is no electricity inside: just gears, wheels, cranks, a rubber band engine and tons of fun!!
  • Tram Stop on the platform complete with a clock, a bench, little stairs and a Ticket Kiosk. The stairs are removable and can be placed on any part of the platform.
  • Tram Depot with a gate and Turntable where the tram drives in to prepare for the next trip according to the route timetable. The depot is also equipped with a Turntable for turning the tram 180 degrees for the next trip. There is a special “tongue” on the rails of the turntable which stops the tram in the locked position, and disengages after the turn of the turntable allowing the tram to move on to the return route.
  • Footbridge – the pedestrian crossing - is made in the shape of arches and set across the tracks. It can also be set at a crossroads, and cars can pass under the arches..
  • plus 10 parts and characters to interact with: straight and radius tracks with junctions, street lamps, a Gentleman, a Young Inventor,  a beautiful Stranger, an Ice-cream Seller, a sheriff on the horse, a Factory Worker and News-Boy

Rail Manipulator Model.
​The Ugears Mechanical Town Series

Developing its Mechanical Town, Ugears presents another addition to the collection:  the Rail Manipulator. Set up in the dock of Mechanical Town not far from the Robot Factory, the Manipulator is a purely utilitarian model, which by no means makes it less entertaining than the other models in the range. Like the rest of the Ugears models, the Manipulator is designed to make sure the fun goes on after the assembly is completed.

With a number of extras that come in the box, the model guarantees hours of an exciting new pastime. Speaking of extras, with the Manipulator itself, you also receive two sections of rails, the shed under construction, two shipping crates with doors, crane, freight carriage, and five characters.


The Manipulator is a mechanical claw with three levers that sits on a platform on the rails. The rails can be connected in parallel or in one line. The settings are completed with a pseudo-metal shed under construction made of giant trusses which arrived straight out of the Industrial age with one of the characters, a roofer with a hammer, sitting on a beam of the shed. The Worker holding signal flags assists the Manipulator operator to control the process, while the Worker with a shovel and the Worker with a wrench are minding their own business in the docks. The model also includes one of the docks’ most important pieces of equipment, the Crane. It can be disassembled and put back together almost by a wave of the hand. And an important addition to the setting is the Freight carriage with drop sides. All the parts of the set are made of a high-quality plywood and needs no extra materials or tools to assemble.

How does it work?

The claw itself sits on a platform that can rotate manually or by a valve. The operator's cab, equipped with a protection lid and adjustable headlight, is found in the front part of the model. The counter-clockwise rotation of the cabin switches the Manipulator’s modes: 1) initial position (driving mode) – the claw’s rotation platform locked, the model moves along the track; 2) 90 degree turn (free mode) – the rotation platform is unlocked; 3) 180 degree turn (loading mode) – the wheels of the models are locked along with the gear in the front axle that connects to the ledge on the rails.

The rear of the model carries the lever that controls lifting, lowering, and holding of four foot supports providing extra-steadiness while operating the claw. With its articulated claw, the Ugears Manipulator can load and move the freight crates in the Carriage with an extraordinary – up to 1 cm – preciseness. Based on the original prototypes, the Manipulator will teach you about the operational and constructional peculiarities of the real-life machines, such as cranes, excavators, robotic arms, etc; their mechanics and functionality.

Making real things together

UGEARS models are the original awesome gift and hobby idea for kids and grown-ups of all ages. Also, it's unforgettable time which you share with your beloved ones making real things together. It’s the exclusive models that can appear in the homes of those who assembled them with their own hands. We put special meaning and ideas in every model. It’s not just constructors but the pieces of art, real mechanisms that bring the beautiful world of mechanics closer and make it more comprehensible.

UGEARS mechanical models give you a chance to feel every cog of the gear, and through that, the power that is not coming from an electric socket. In the process of assembly, there is an important moment of “birth” – when the model shows the first spark of life. There is real magic in the rotation of the gears. This is extremely exciting. It is almost like taking a bite of your favorite pie from childhood – you will recognize that sensation when the model, fully assembled by your own hands, starts moving.

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Our team

UGEARS is a team of over 150 inspired professionals: engineers, designers, and craftsmen who, by implementing their ideas in the models, create music embodied in wood and invest their creativity and love in their craft which you receive in each of the models.

For every person in the Ugears team involved in making it, each model becomes a baby. Something you put your soul in. And finally – the model moves! Makes its first sound. The feeling is absolutely overwhelming! We don’t even know what to compare it with. The closest is, yes, the feeling when your child is born. You are standing there numb and silent watching them moving or playing (like with Grand Prix Car or Hurdy-Gurdy model) and feeling pure joy.

UGEARS’s mission is to bring an unforgettable time spent together on an exciting project fancied by people of all ages and uniting parents and children in the process of creation of a living and moving mechanical marvel. Precisely designed and cut elements and detailed assembly instructions, these all come with our fascinating models made of natural wooden materials.

Production and delivery

All UGEARS models are manufactured at our own production facilities. We guarantee high quality of our products, really helpful customer service and fast replacement of spare parts to complete your models worldwide. Each model comes with high quality plywood boards and precise laser cut parts.

Our attractive models are made of a high quality plywood tested in European laboratories and also approved for use in the production of furniture for children.

Orders for our buyers in the United States and Canada will be shipped from the logistics center in the United States.

European and Worldwide orders will be shipped from the distribution center in the EU.

We offer domestic and international tracking.

Today, the UGEARS range is represented by 25 exciting models: Dynamometer, Pneumatic engine, Mechanical box, Tractor, Trailer for the Tractor, Theatre, Timer for 20 min, Tram on rails, Combine, Truck, Set of Additions for Truck model (Fire Ladder, Tanker, Chassis), Tanker (Truck with a tanker), Fire Truck, Steam Locomotive with Lender, Railway Platform, Rails (with railway crossing and gates), Mechanical Flower Box, Combination Lock, Hurdy-Gurdy, Treasure Box, Date Navigator, as well as the Mechanical Town series that includes a Tram Line, a Rail Manipulator and a Robot Factory that produces real wooden robots.

We have over 200 new design ideas and keep working on the development of new models.

Building UGEARS mechanical models is an interesting and engaging activity, a hobby, an original gift idea that brings hours of fun, and the joy of being creative with your hands and minds with friends and family in over 80 countries across 5 continents.

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