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If you’re sitting in an airport lounge with your laptop, a cafe, a plane, a train or Uber; this is where TRACPOINT shines. Use the mouse right on your laptop palm rest or almost any other surface.

Just like writing with your pen, TRACPOINT mouse is the perfect productivity tool for all your travel needs, optimize your mobile workspace and be just as productive on the move as you are in the office.

We have combined wireless presenter technology into the mouse, providing a pointer to manage your slides, highlight sections with SpotPoint and numerous other features that enable you to present and work with just one reliable device.

The Swiftpoint range of mice are the smallest in the world for a reason! At 24gm - less than 1oz (25% of the weight of a conventional mouse) the TRACPOINT is effortless to use, anywhere, anytime. The ergonomic shape and pen-grip design put your hand, arm and shoulder into a natural position to enable continuous unstrained work.

TRACPOINT has an integrated presenter so you no longer need to carry and worry about two devices when traveling. Never get caught short with a flat battery. Use your TRACPOINT as a spotlight, move between slides and as a functional tool to swap between applications or windows.

Use the Swiftpoint Control Panel to configure and optimize all presenter functions, colors, SpotPoint size, button functions and speed. It's a complete presenter tool to make you even more productive.

TRACPOINT uses wireless technology to seamlessly connect to your computer for a reliable and accurate connection.


Use the buttons or scroll wheel to confidently navigate through slides and presentations. The TRACPOINT's small size fits easily into the palm of your hand so you have both hands free to emphasize using hand gestures.


TRACPOINT's SpotPoint feature lets you highlight and pinpoint critical areas of your presentation to engage your audience. Precisely navigate and identify key areas of your slides and desktop. Configure size and style of your SpotPoint.


Navigate the on-screen cursor to play or pause videos, open links and activate slides within your presentation to keep your audience on the edge of their seats.


Use the unique TRACPOINT application changing feature to seamlessly swap between your presentation and associated materials. Build confidence with your materials and present any way you want.

We’ve spent hours researching the perfect shape, watching users struggle with a mouse, lifting and moving heavy and cumbersome devices. Even those beautiful white mice from the fruit company have many issues. Form and function must work together. We have the answer and the science to prove it.

TRACPOINT is portable, connecting via Bluetooth and the highly accurate optical sensor is great on almost any surface. It's small enough to use on your laptop palm rest or flight tray table. Wherever you are and whenever you go the TRACPOINT is your productivity partner.

The pen-grip, small size, light weight and Rapid Charge battery combine to make the TRACPOINT the perfect travel mouse for work anywhere and anytime.

A 60 second charge gives up to 1 hour of use, while a full 1 hour charge gives up to 2 weeks of use. TRACPOINT has a great battery and charging system. The USB charging dongle simply plugs into any USB port your laptop or tablet. The self-locating magnet connector aligns the charge pins and safely holds the mouse in place when charging. Never get caught out with a flat battery again, work anywhere with confidence.  

We've made the TRACPOINT to be a specialty travel mouse, all you need in one simple package. You're getting the best travel features for a great price.

To get the best performance out of your TRACPOINT mouse, presenter and GESTURE technology we created a CONTROL PANEL that gives you full control over your mouse. This configurable driver is MacOS and Windows friendly. The control panel lets you assign mouse button functions to keyboard actions, enabling you to be more efficient and productive.

The CONTROL PANEL is the portal to your TRACPOINT customization, it's effortless to set up and optimize your mouse and presenter operation.

We offer a lifetime of software upgrades through the control panel, we will be the TESLA of mice, providing you constant improvements and upgrades to ensure you are getting the very best productivity and support.

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We are the only product that has done this. GESTURES are when you tilt/rotate the mouse to the right-hand side (this only needs to be a few degrees). A completely new set of functions are then associated to the mouse buttons, wheel and optical sensor. You can assign shortcuts to key functions, application switching or a variety for combinations, it's like using 2 fingers swiping across a trackpad.

GESTURES are unique to Swiftpoint products, these give a great improvement in productivity and efficiency while still using small hand movements. It's like navigating around a touch-screen using your fingers, use the mouse to control all of your functions.

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We are ready for production, we need your pledge and support to kick-start our manufacturing. All the parts are made, compliance testing is underway and we are busy fine-tuning the software. These parts work beautifully, its like working on a watch. Our engineers work hard to ensure repeatable actions and light touch on all button interfaces. There is no strain on your hand, no stress on your fingers and the light weight makes the TRACPOINT effortless to use, anywhere, anytime.

Like our previous campaigns, we will make our best efforts to ease the cost and burden of shipping by fulfilling rewards through multiple fulfillment partners around the world. To deliver TRACPOINT to you we will be using fulfillment partners in the USA and Hong Kong. Rewards bound for the US will ship from within the US. All other rewards will be shipped from Hong Kong.

Please note that we have tried to do our best but some international backers will be subject to local customs import duties and taxes; these backers will be responsible for covering all of their local customs duties and taxes.

If you are unsure of your country’s customs policy please check with your local authority.

Welcome to Swiftpoint! We’ve been known for delivering award-winning mouse products using our unique ergonomic design for over a decade. We put our designs through countless cycles of user testing, refinement and continued innovation. This ensures Swiftpoint products have great ergonomics, intuitiveness and efficiency to make you more productive.

Everything we do is about making robust, high quality and productive products that we’re proud to put our name on. Devices that make people’s lives better and more enjoyable. This is our fourth crowdfunded project. We create great hardware partnered with innovative software to ensure you get the best value, most productive tools. We’ll deliver on time and we promise you’ll love our latest travel companion.

We've had great success with Kickstarter, in 2014 we launched the revolutionary Swiftpoint GT, in 2017 The Z, a gaming mouse that was voted gaming innovation of the year by CES and in 2018 the ProPoint was delivered successfully to all of our supporters. By backing the TRACPOINT you know we will deliver a quality mouse and presenter to all of our backers.

We are committed to helping others, we donate a percentage of our revenue to B1G1 Business for Good with our focus on funding education in Nepal.

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