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Talking Toes Ankle Socks

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Talking Toes Ankle Socks

Happy, colourful socks with motivational quotes. Made from premium materials to stay up and last long.

£ 13 GBP

Colorful. Inspiring. Invisible.

The world’s first inspirational sock label introduces the no-show socks.

Introducing the most uplifting, colorful and comfortable pair of no-show socks you will ever own. Designed with heart and made from the same premium materials that made our long socks so awesome, each pair of no-show socks features a bold design paired with a unique positive quote to help you start your day on a good note.

Positives quotes are like vitamins for your soul

Whether you’re feeling happy or sad, a simple positive quote can give you that extra boost to lift your spirits and motivate you in your daily hustle. We incorporated simple but impactful positive quotes onto our socks, so each time you slip on a pair of Talking Toes, you’ll be reminded of the things that matter most in life.

Why is it So Important to Stay Positive?

Positive thinking has tons of benefits, ranging from stronger relationships with people, to greater productivity in your work. And guess what? One of the most recommended techniques to become a more positive individual is through the repeated use of affirmations! Below are just a handful of articles that have explored the subject:

You Dress Up, They Stay Up

After putting them through long hours of wearing and a series of washes, they discovered that the best way to keep no-show socks up was the use of a special silicone pattern at the heel. This feature was adopted for all the no-show socks so that you can count on them to stay up when you need them to.

The Magic Comfort Formula

The socks are woven from combed-cotton threads. Combed-cotton is produced by putting cotton through a combing process that makes it stronger and softer. On top of that, we have reinforced the toe and heel area to make them more resistant against the invisible sock-moths that eat holes into your socks. This means that your pair of talking toes not only feel incredibly soft on your feet, they can last longer and can withstand multiple washes.

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