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Space Alien Robot

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Space Alien Robot

Designed by coding education specialists, the Space Alien Robot offers a fun way to learn the basics of programming for children as young as 3.

Develop sequences to get the robot where you want by simply pressing the buttons on top of its shell. Tackle on never-ending challenges with the robot's 250-step memory; once mastered, you can progress to running the robot with Scratch, the most famous programming language for young learners.

Bring more fun with the Play Mat Add-On which contains:

  • Road mat made up of 30 jigsaw puzzle pieces that can be assembled in different ways for continuous fun.
  • Set of 65 cards representing functions of the robot which introduces young learners to the idea of testing their sequences, just like a real-life coder!

*Save £20 when buying the bundle*

£ 90 GBP

Coming from outer space, has the cutest smile, and is ready to help kids acquire the most valuable skill set of this day and age! The Space Alien Robot was designed by computing education specialists and is the perfect way to get learners as young as 3 take their first steps in their coding journey.

Getting young minds into programming and robotics is a tremendous challenge - after all, who suddenly falls in love with looking at endless lines of confusing text?

But everyone will find this floor robot adorable as his colourful lights and sounds provide a multi-sensory experience.

You begin by coding the Space Alien directly using the buttons on top of its shell. Its transparent shell then lets children see its mechanics and make connections between input (pressing the buttons) and output (what it does).

The robot's complexity grows with the learner's abilities. With a leading 250-step program memory, you can take the robot on epic journeys around the room. You can offer the robot a special voice by recording your own sounds for it to play back. The programmable LED lights give even more opportunities for customization. And once you master the buttons, you can progress to running it using Scratch, the most famous programming language for kids.

Designed to be sturdy, durable and push-safe so that your little learners can enjoy exploring the Space Alien's "vroomability". A rechargeable battery gives 8 hours of active learning without needing to take extended breaks.

The possibilities really are endless with this engaging, programmable floor robot - the Space Alien is the perfect companion for nurturing future engineers and programmers!

The Play Mat Add-On

Inspire children to build their own coding journey with a bright road mat made of 30 jigsaw pieces. The road mat can be assembled in different ways, thus enabling you to create a multitude of challenges for the young problem solver. Where will you take the Space Alien. . . to the park; the zoo; or perhaps school?

The mat is made from polyester with a rubber base that prevents slipping. You'll never have to stop the fun in order to fix the mat.

The 65-pack sequencing cards help plan out the steps you want the robot to take on the mat (or anything else for that matter!) before programming. This encourages kids to hone their computational thinking skills and introduces them to the idea of testing their sequences, like a real-life coder! Each sequencing card (11 x 11cm) represents a function or button on the Space Alien.

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