We ran a pop-up exhibition from 9 to 15 December on Brick Lane, a street well-known for its independent stores, art galleries and markets.

We partnered up with 21 creators from all across the world - UK, Spain, South Korea, New Zealand and many other countries!

In the search for our store representatives, we personally looked through all the CVs of our candidates and had individual interviews. We vetted based on outstanding customer service, self-motivation and ability to learn about our complex products very quickly.

We were very proud with our chosen ambassadors - two are founders of startups themselves and another is a soon-to-be student at Harvard!

We ran a training session where we walked them through every product to ensure they can confidently talk about them in front of our visitors.

The store design theme was all-white to help our products stand out.

The products were grouped according to use cases to bring people into a world where they would be using all of them on a day-to-day basis. For example, the Niche Zero Coffee Grinder was placed next to the Aroma Coffee Machine and the Kruve Coffee Glassware.

We were heavily active on Instagram and Facebook - we even got featured on @londonpopups!

We encouraged people of all ages to interact with our products.

And they loved the experience!

We received so much positive feedback - our personal favorite is being called the “retail store of the future” :)

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