About Us

Tired of scavenging through other sites for gifts? Nothing truly special that’s worth your time and money? So are we.

It’s why we created Woondering. A place where you can find products that bring excitement into people’s lives.

How do we do it, you might ask? We look through various sources of innovation such as Kickstarter.

This is the place where brave entrepreneurs showcase their creative ideas. In return, they get funding to make their ideas come true and provide the world with better products. 

But we don’t just pick any products. We only go for those creators that have succeeded in producing their wonders and have received great feedback from their customers.

People who have ventured on Kickstarter, or any other crowdfunding platform for that matter, will appreciate the importance of this due diligence process. 

And, once we find the perfect products, we go beyond simply putting them on our website. We are constantly searching for new ways to bring them closer to you, so you can make a purchasing decision with confidence.

For example, we are running pop-ups in highly-convenient locations so people can touch and feel the items that we have - click here to check out where we’ve been so far!

Love what we’re doing? Scroll down to follow our journey!

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